Testing the Trinity (Contents)

Part 1: What is the Trinity?

Lays out the major problems with the doctrine of the Trinity and argues why they are too serious to simply ignore. You can read Part 1 here.

Part 2: The Making of a Doctrine

Digs into the history of the doctrine & explains where it came from, since (spoiler alert) it didn’t come from the Bible. Concludes by seeing how well the Trinity really stands up against Scripture.

Part 3: A Better Alternative

“Makes the case” for an alternative to the Trinity, setting aside its extra-Biblical notions and subsequently allowing Scripture to speak for itself.

Part 4: Connecting the Dots

Looks at some difficult passages of Scripture from the perspective of the Trinity vis-a-vis the alternative, and explores which framework actually helps us to make sense of them. Also addresses the supposed foreshadowing of the Trinity throughout the Old Testament.

Table of Contents

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