Want to go deeper than what you’ll typically find in a blog? Here’s a couple of books that provide additional details on many of the topics on this site. Both are available in e-book format, and you can actually read Testing the Trinity in its entirety right through SocraticChristianity.com, completely free of charge.

Testing the Trinity

(c) 2020

None other than Martin Luther observed that the doctrine of the Trinity “has been conceived and invented by man.” So if you have ever found yourself perplexed by this confusing doctrine, I invite you to join my on my 25-year journey to discover the truth about the meaning of “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Living in Laodicea

(c) 2008

“Living in Laodicea” is a call to renewal and revival in the Christian church…particularly in America. First, though, we need to understand the implications of doctrines that may be distorting our understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Because until we know what God’s Word is telling us, we cannot hope to do what He expects.

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