Series: Understanding the Trinity

This series unpacks the doctrine of the Trinity though several brief YouTube videos that are roughly 5 minutes each. They gradually walk you through the basics of the doctrine in “bite sized” chunks, including the content of the doctrine, the history behind it, as well as its attendant difficulties and weaknesses.

Part 1

What is the Trinity?

This video provides an overview of the essential aspects of the doctrine of the Trinity, along with a few analogies that people commonly…but mistakenly…use to explain it.

Part 2

Why is the Trinity so important?

This video answers the questions: “What’s the big deal?” with the Trinity. Why is it so important and so jealously guarded? We address these questions by exploring the historic context of the Trinity and explaining why it has become such an important doctrine to the Christian faith.

Part 3

How did we get the doctrine of the Trinity?

While most Christians probably assume that the Trinity has been lifted straight from the pages of Scripture, this is only part of the story. This video investigates the Greek philosophical underpinnings of the Trinity, which were synthesized with Scripture to provide a defense of the deity of Christ.

Part 4

Caution: FRAGILE! Handle with care…

While it’s no secret how central the doctrine of the Trinity is to orthodox Christian belief, most Christians are surprised to discover how “holey” the Trinity really is when you test it against the Scriptures. This video looks at a number of Scriptures that would appear to contradict essential aspects of this doctrine.

Part 5

A Mighty Fortress “for” Our (Triune) God

In this video, we look at the reasons why the doctrine of the Trinity persists as the arbiter of Christian orthodoxy…in spite of the many passages of Scripture that would appear to (and in fact, do) invalidate it.

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