My body, my choice?

“My body, my choice.”

There. I said it.

Who would’ve thought that as the epitome of everything that’s supposedly wrong in 21st century America (I’m white, male, middle class, conservative, Christian, “Pro Life”…need I go on?) that this “deplorable” would suddenly embrace the mantra of the “Pro Choice” movement? In fact, there are many “Pro Lifers” who are echoing this same sentiment in the face of vaccine mandates, and the irony of this common ground has not been lost upon the myriad of pundits and Internet memes which are all too eager to call out the apparent hypocrisy.

I say apparent hypocrisy intentionally, though, because it is neither hypocritical nor illogical to be against abortion, and yet proclaim “my body, my choice” when it comes to vaccines, drugs, or any other similar mandates that someone would try to impose upon you or otherwise coerce you to accept. Furthermore, I would argue that it is the “Pro Choicers” who are the blatant hypocrites.

The problem is that when someone seeking an abortion proclaims “my body, my choice”, they are railing against being prohibited from choosing to undergo a “medical procedure” if they so desire, not that a medical procedure is effectively being forced upon them. And quite frankly, if that was the extent of the issue, I would agree! But what Pro Lifers object to is not the voluntary medical procedure that the mother is choosing, but the completely involuntary medical procedure that is being forced upon the unborn child…which by the way, has a 100% mortality rate.

So ironically, when those who are “Pro Choice” declare “my body, my choice,” they are actually denying this same fundamental right to someone else in the process, by forcing the unborn to be subjected to a procedure over which they have no choice. Conversely, when Pro Lifers speak out against abortion, they are actually asking “what about my choice?” for the unborn child who doesn’t yet have a voice. Because, after all, if there was a way to know what that child’s answer would be, do you really think that 63 million unborn babies since Roe V. Wade would have chosen to be deprived of life, to have their bodies dismembered, or – most horrifically – to have their skulls crushed and their brains suctioned out during the process of being delivered?

Indeed, the real irony in the current debate over vaccine mandates is not that many Pro Lifers are suddenly proclaiming “my body, my choice” to the dismay of those who are “Pro Choice.” Rather, it’s the fact that some of the worst vitriol being leveled against those who oppose vaccine mandates is coming from “Pro Choicers” who have been trumpeting “my body, my choice” for years. Then again, should we be surprised?

After all, in a culture where “my body, my choice” has been used for over forty years to deprive the most vulnerable and voiceless among us of their lives – 63 million and counting – it should be clear that this mantra is really just clever double-speak for “my body is the only one that matters.” And when you put it that way, suddenly all of those “Pro Choicers” clamoring for vaccine mandates starts to make sense…

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