My body, my choice?

“My body, my choice.” There. I said it. Who would’ve thought that as the epitome of everything that’s supposedly wrong in 21st century America (I’m white, male, middle class, conservative, Christian, “Pro Life”…need I go on?) that this “deplorable” would suddenly embrace the mantra of the “Pro Choice” movement? In fact, there are many “ProContinue reading “My body, my choice?”

The Legacy of Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias was a brilliant man who rarely…if ever…got bested in a debate. In spite of his profound intellect, though, he never came across as egotistical, condescending, or aloof. This combination made Ravi Zacharias an effective, passionate spokesman for his faith, a man who traveled the world proclaiming Christ and the hope that is foundContinue reading “The Legacy of Ravi Zacharias”

Hot off the presses…

It’s official! “Testing the Trinity” is now available at, Amazon, and other on-line outlets. If you go to, use the discount code “Save20” to receive a 20% discount. And if you want to take a closer look you can either read Part 1 on-line or download it as a PDF file. Either way,Continue reading “Hot off the presses…”